Jazz is a great American art form that has long been the go-to for live entertainment. Jazz music is the perfect genre to provide a background to allow people to talk and have fun. The essence of jazz allows it to be creative and flexible. 

The word “Design” signifies careful attention to the unique needs of each performance venue.  Our combo plays jazz and designs the set list and instrumentation to best support the atmosphere you want to create.

We have played for cocktail hour gatherings that are intended for networking.  These events need music that frees guests to talk and mingle.  Light and familiar tunes, floating in the room, encourage friendly conversation.  

When asked to perform for elegant dining experiences (restaurants, receptions) we provide rich music that bathes the room in subtle understated sounds.  The diner can enjoy a delicious meal, good conversation, and experience beautiful tunes that have become classic favorites.  

We also enjoy performing for corporate events. We have performed at outdoor picnics and festivals that call for up-tempo jazz that exudes fun and excitement.   

Any event needs to have attention given to what type of music is played.  Jazz By Design Combo strives to pick the right music designed for the listeners.  In addition, we enjoy the challenge of playing the right music for your event at the right time and the right way.

In the last decade that Jazz By Design Combo has been entertaining in Northeast Ohio, we have polished our entertainment skills so they meet the needs of our clients.  We have performed for many fine dining establishments, corporate functions, outdoor family events, holiday parties, and community festivals and gatherings.  

Jazz by Design Combo is the perfect choice for your event.  Jazz, swing, standards, and more can be performed by a duo, trio, quartet or quintet.  If your budget or venue calls for a single musician that can also be accommodated. 

The group offers instrumental and/or vocal jazz with attention given to the purpose of your special event.  We take pride in tailoring the music selections to the occasion.  Our music library offers a wealth of tunes. Using the right music, professional performance, and polished presentation we can provide the atmosphere you desire.