“Just wanted to thank you and Sarah for your performance the other night at OrrVilla.  What a special gift you have.  Really enjoyed it.”

Judy Gable, OrrVilla Activities Director

“Jazz By Design Combo” entertained us for our 50th year in business celebration. We did a 50-year historical review of our business, decade by decade, and intertwined it with hits for each decade. It was nothing short of AWESOME! The band offers great musical abilities and creativity within their show.

We will have them again!”

Brad Fike, Fike Agency

“People stayed longer and participated in the indoor events because the atmosphere was warm and inviting.  The band masterfully delivers a professional sound that is warm and relaxing.  They wrapped our holiday event in beautiful music.”

Sonya Eshelman, Orrville Historical Society Board Member/Home for the Holidays Committee Member

“I loved the music this morning from Jazz by Design. It enhanced but didn’t overwhelm the event. Just the right touch.”

-Kerry Pickett, Pickett and Pickett Tax and Investments

“Dave Tibbitts creates a relaxing atmosphere when he plays Jazz, he not only is very professional but is talented. He plays multiple instruments during his set for our shoppers in our retail store, The Red Bucket, in Orrville, Ohio. He enjoys creating the atmosphere you desire, which is best suited for your event.” 

-Carol Ubelhart, co-owner, The Red Bucket

The perfect background entertainment for a large networking reception. Jazz By Design creates a cool vibe but doesn’t overpower the conversation at the event.” 

-Lori Reinbolt, President, Orrville Area Chamber of Commerce

Dave Tibbitts with Jazz By Design is Heartland Point’s go-to musician. He’s professional, great to work with, and a local favorite. Thank you for jazzing up Heartland Point events with your endless musical talent!”

Sarah McIlvaine Meenan, Heartland Point